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10 of the Best Activities to Enjoy in Westmont this Summer and Beyond

10 of the Best Activities to Enjoy in Westmont this Summer and Beyond

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Westmont may be small, but there are a ton of fun activities to do around town. Since some of you may not know about all the fun things to do around town, we put together a list of 10 activities to enjoy here in Westmont!

1. Enchanted Castle

If laser tag, go karting, arcade games and snacks sound like a rad time for you and you’re going to be in and around the Westmont, Illinois area, you’re gonna love Enchanted Castle. Located in Lombard Pines Plaza, this is the sweetest destination for you – because really, who doesn’t love those things? Tackling all of the games are easy to do at a very affordable rate (about 1 USD per game) so make rounds and play as much as you can – there’s plenty of fun to be had! There’s also a ball pit.

Address: 1103 S. Main St., 60148 Lombard, IL

Website: Enchanted Castle

2. Willowbrook Wildlife Center

Nature fans and animal lovers alike will appreciate Willowbrook Wildlife Center. You can go, spend time walking around and enjoying the natural surroundings, appreciating the diverse species of animals. The staff has been described as being super helpful and friendly, so if you have any questions or comments, they’ll be sure to help you. 

Address: 525 S. Park Blvd., 60137 Glen Ellyn, IL

Website: Willowbrook Wildlife Center

3. Graue Mill & Museum

For only 4.50 USD (adults) you can go back in time to the 1800s to relive history. Perfect scenic beauty, surroundings, and relics from a not so distant past remind you of your current existence but are you so sure? At Graue Mill & Museum, you can learn about local history, check out the hike and bike trails and see the water mill that generated power. It’s hard to imagine that simple mechanism helped generate something that we all take for granted so much today.

Address: 3800 York Rd, 60523 Oak Brook, IL 

Website: Graue Mill & Museum

4. Chicago Pizza Tours

You like pizza. I like pizza. We all like pizza. And when you think of Chicago you think a few things, including deep dish pizza. So naturally, there’s gonna be a Chicago pizza tour. Eat pizza, get stuffed, and there are drinks! You can get all those and learn about the history of Chicago. Not a bad way to educate yourself, right? 

Address: 27 N Upper Wacker Dr, 60606 Chicago, IL 

Website: Chicago Pizza Tours

5. Myths and Legends Brewing Company

Warm, welcoming, friendly, and hospitable are all words to describe the people who make Myths and Legends Brewing Company run like a well-oiled machine and they encourage all its patrons to come in, order any spirit/beer/drink, and relax. Great beer, great lager, great spirits… both the drinking kind and happy atmosphere. Come, relax, sit at the bar and try something new. Sometimes there’s a food truck that comes and you can discover new flavor blends of the non-alcoholic type.

Address: 1115 Zygmunt Circle, 60559 Westmont, IL

Website: Myths and Legends Brewing Co.

6. Green Meadows Golf Club

At Green Meadows Golf Club, you get great customer service, a great beginner’s course and you can get beer on top of that. The staff is helpful and friendly and there’s a 9-hole executive course. Golf is one of those quiet yet intense games that requires patience. All types of people conglomerate at the green. Put your tee off skills to the test at the Green Meadows Golf Club!

Address: 18W201 W 63rd St, 60559 Westmont, IL 

Website: Green Meadows Golf Club

7. The Morton Arboretum

Here’s another one that’s perfect for everybody. Just make sure you bring comfortable walking shoes! The Morton Arboretum has walking trails, a creek/pond you can walk into part of, lights (during the holiday season), a maze, and more, including a garden and incredibly detailed fun exhibits that will inspire and create great discussions! Year round, there are tons of activities to go see and do and the best part is, you’re part of it all just for being present. Learn about the outdoors and appreciate nature at its finest. 

Address: 4100 IL-53, 60532 Lisle, IL

Website: The Morton Arboretum

8. Ty Warner Park

Should you stay in or near Westmont, you’ll be staying in or on the property, and probably at some point, you’ll ask yourself, “Should I stay in or should I go out?” Ty Warner Park makes the answer obvious. Get your workouts in all at once!

There’s so much fun stuff to do, including bocce ball, tennis, and an outdoor fitness station. There’s also a playground and zero depth spray park. This is definitely a fun way to spend a summer day!

Address: 800 Blackhawk Dr, 60559 Westmont, IL 

Website: Ty Warner Park

9. Twin Lakes Woods

Twin Lakes Woods is a good place for easy, short trails. But sometimes there are haunted hayrides, where ghosts and goblins haunt unsuspecting visitors, of course, during Halloween! If you’re in town and want to get a piece of the creepy action, you might want to book a Haunted Forest Tour. Or, you might just want to take a fun, easy, short little trail at Twin Lakes Woods. It’s your call! 

Address: 55 E Richmond St, 60559 Westmont, IL 

Website: Twin Lakes Woods

10. Chicago Prohibition Tours

Time is really remarkable. Nearly 100 years ago, alcohol and the manufacturing and selling of it was made illegal, but of course, that didn’t stop people who wanted to make a profit from it, so speakeasies were born. You could do all the things you normally couldn’t do in public, thus creating underground, makeshift places for parties, such as cellars and warehouses. Today, you can get the entire backstory and history, from notable people (from gangs to politicians to celebrities) who had a part in the Prohibition Era. 

Address: 27 N Upper Wacker Dr Suite 126, 60606 Chicago, IL 

Website: Chicago Prohibition Tours

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