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Westmont Village Logo at Westmont Village, Westmont, Illinois

​​​​​​​Independence Day Fireworks at Westmont Village

​​​​​​​Independence Day Fireworks at Westmont Village

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A Gorgeous Display

The Fourth of July has always been an enjoyable celebration for Americans everywhere. For the longest time, this momentous event of pomp and parade known as the United States Independence Day has always featured one thing: a festive and beautiful display of fireworks in almost every corner of the country. Collectively, attending firework shows at our local communities have always led to amazing and memorable moments and are usually a day-long affair coupled with your occasional concert or barbecue. Without a doubt, we Americans know how to celebrate our liberty, freedom, and independence. 

At our apartment homes in Westmont Village, you’ll find many firework shows in and around the nearby locale. Located in one of Chicago’s most charming Western suburbs, along the Pace Bus Route #661 and close to charming locations such as the Oak Brook Mall, Willowbrook, or Downers Grove, Westmont Village is a park-like community that offers great proximity to a lot of convenient locations that are absolutely well-suited for your entertainment and leisure. And if we’re talking about the Fourth of July, our apartment homes are perfect for the occasion. 

Our Picks for Fourth of July Fireworks

Independence Day celebrations at the Westmont area usually culminate in one particular location: Ty Warner Park at the Westmont Park District. Westmont's annual Fourth of July Celebration at Ty Warner Park boasts one of the biggest firework displays in the area, with fun and festive activities beginning at 4 p.m. and ending at 10 p.m., including barnyard bingo, live music, food vendors and more. As for the amazing fireworks display, they usually cap off the show at around 9:30 in the evening, lasting until the end of the entire celebration and giving you and your loved ones ample time to admire the well-planned dazzle of lights and sounds. 

If Ty Warner Park’s annual celebration doesn’t fit into your schedule, southeast options will take you to Orland Park’s annual shindig, offering a Fourth of July fireworks display at the Centennial Park that features fireworks that are higher than usual to accommodate watchers that may be watching from far away. 

Whether you’ll be spending the Fourth of July at home alone, or out and about with loved ones, you’ll definitely appreciate our apartment homes at Westmont Village. You not only experience unparalleled comfort and luxury, you get the best of what the local scene in Illinois has to offer during momentous events like fireworks displays on Independence Day.

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